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Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley


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Looking for an activist club? Since 2004 we have walked hundreds if not thousands of precincts for our endorsed candidates, raised in 6 figures, phoned tens of thousands, registered thousands to vote, held informational forums, lobbied in Sacramento for fair elections and for healthcare, gotten into the Democratic party structure. Among Santa Clara County Democratic clubs we're known as the club that walks the walk; our endorsement is sought after. See our full list of our accomplishments for 2013 & previous years.
Drop by a meeting & get to know us! You'll find us lively, well-informed, nonideological, practical, and good to be working alongside for a brighter future. To join, click Membership on the left.

Check our calendar & notices below for meeting information. All are welcome!

  • Second Wednesday of the month (as of April 2014), 7-9pm, Santa Clara county Democratic HQ in San Jose, or members' homes in Santa Clara county; see notes below
  • Working (business) meeting 12 days later (2nd Monday after the 2nd Wednesday, except none in June or December), 6:30-8:45pm. Hobee's, in The Oaks shopping center, off Stevens Creek near Hwy 85, across from De Anza College
  • Annual picnic/election of officers in June
  • Other occasions, e.g. watch parties, forums, candidate events
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Next Meetings

Watch the President's
State Of The Union Address
with other good Democrats this coming Tuesday Jan 20!

The Santa Clara County Democratic Party would like to invite you to attend the 2015 State Of The Union watch party on Tuesday January 20. Refreshments will be served starting at 5:30 pm, with the program starting at 6:00 pm. This event will be held at the Democratic Party Headquarters, 2901 Moorpark Ave


CONGRATULATIONS to our members who won seats on the state Democratic Party!

· AD24 Winners: Elspeth Farmer (top female vote-getter), Margaret Okuzumi, *Lorri Holtzberg, Jackie Wheeler; Jim Griffith (top vote-getter), *Lucas Ramirez, *Andrew Heaton, Otto Lee

· AD28 Winner: John Comiskey

(*Dean club not their primary club, but hey.)
Note that at least 3 other members (Marcene van Dierendonck, Emilie Gatfield, Jill Chesler) are going as county central committee reps, appointed, etc., possibly more delegates to come.

The party needs more boots-on-the-ground activists, and that’s who the Dean club is! Get in there and shake it up!

Working meeting Monday January 26
RANKING of Goals brainstormed December 10
Hobee's across from DeAnza College/Flint Center
Stevens Creek off Hwy 85, Cupertino
Members in good standing rank our 2015 goals! and sign up to work on them!
Link meeting Wednesday February 11
(to be confirmed)
topic & location TBD
Working meeting Monday February 23 (to be confirmed)
Hobee's across from DeAnza College/Flint Center
Stevens Creek off Hwy 85, Cupertino
Members in good standing rank our 2015 goals!

Now in our ELEVENTH YEAR of stellar activism!
Last Updated on Monday, 19 January 2015 19:53

2014 Endorsements and Goals

Our 2014 general election endorsements:

  • Congr.District 7: Ami Bera narrow but recount-proof WIN
  • Congr.District 9: Jerry McNerney SOLID WIN
  • Congr.District 10: Michael Eggman try again in 2016?
  • Congr.District 17: Mike Honda SOLID WIN; GO AWAY, Ro!
  • Congr.District 21: Amanda Renteria try again in 2016?
  • Congr.District 18: Anna Eshoo SOLID WIN of course
  • Congr.District 19: Zoe Lofgren SOLID WIN of course
  • State Senate District 10: Bob Wieckowski SOLID WIN
  • Assembly District 24: Rich Gordon wSOLID WIN
  • San Jose mayor: Dave Cortese narrow loss
  • Santa Clara mayor: Deborah Bress
  • San Jose City Council District 1: Paul Fong 
  • San Jose City Council District 7: Maya Esparza
  • Superior Court Judge 24: Matt Harris  SOLID WIN
  • County Bd of Ed: Darcie Green SOLID WIN
  • San Jose Unified Sch.District #2: Susan Ellenberg #2 SOLID WIN
  • Santa Clara Unified Sch.District #2: Jodi Muirhead #2 SOLID WIN
  • Ballot measures:
    1: water issues
    Oppose. WON
    2: State reserve policy (“Rainy Day Fund”). Oppose. WON
    45: Health-care insurance rate changes. Support LOST
    46: Drug and alcohol testing of doctors; medical negligence lawsuits.  Oppose. LOST
    47: Criminal sentences; misdemeanor penalties. Support WON
    48: Referendum to overturn Indian gaming compacts. Neutral. LOST

WHEN YOU VOLUNTEER, be sure to say you’re a member of the Dean Democratic Club!

2014 Goals as ranked at our January 13 meeting

Task forces for each goal category determine focus of our efforts for the year. You  can sign up for a task force at any of our meetings. Task forces will be prioritizing their specific goals; a temporary sampling is below.

Candidates (40 votes)
Elect Michael Eggman to Congress (CD10), re-elect McNerney, Honda, Bera
Recruit more women to run for office in CA
more . . .

Social Justice (34 votes)
Support low-cost housing for seniors
Support single-payer healthcare
more . . .

Environment (28 votes)
Current: Stop fracking in CA; monitor & support Palo Alto anaerobic digester;
monitor the situation with the Lehigh cement plant; use this year's campaigns to raise awareness re environmental issues
Perennial: Learn about & monitor CA water issues; energy issues, including anything related to climate change; wildlands, wilderness, and agricuture issues; monitor accountability of local officials on environmental issues

Goverment Accountability (7 votes)
Further campaign finance reform, including passing the DISCLOSE Act (SB52)
Strengthen our relationships with legislators & do more advocacy
Lobby city councils & county boards for our legislative goals
more . .. .

Club Support (6 votes)
Fundraise & increase membership
Hold a speaker series to support our club
Work on messaging & public relations

State Issues (1 vote)

Research (1 vote)


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